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Both Groups jointly participate in Events.

Survivors and caregivers are welcome.


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Overview of Support Groups


Brain injury support groups exist to allow persons with brain injuries and their family members to meet others who are in similar situations, gain valuable emotional support from one another, form friendships, obtain information and resources, and hear speakers discuss a variety of brain injury topics.


They are an opportunity for persons with brain injury and their family members to discuss the difficulties and hardships they are facing, as well as the accomplishments and joys in their lives.

All meetings share information that is received from Brain Injury Alliance of NJ (BIANJ). 
This includes information on events, resources and organizations that can assist as well as publications that are available. 
Information from BIANJ can also be found on their website.  

Some months are open discussions of a brain injury related topic as decided by the group.  
Some months have informative speakers. 
They include those from resources and organizations which can provide assistance to those impacted by brain injury.  

We have had and expect to continue to have social gatherings in addition to our meetings. 
A  BBQ is held during the summer months. 
In December, there is social gathering for a celebration of the holiday season.